As a Tasmanian family owned and operated tourism business we are proud to be associated with TasTAFE Tour Guide training which we believe are one of the best programs in Australia.

The staff all come from successful careers in the tourism industry themselves so they teach with a sense of authority and experience. By collaborating with the needs of operators the staff ensures the training  is well structured and that students are taught the relevant skills and knowledge and culture required by the industry when they graduate.

The TasTAFE Tour Guiding graduates are recognised as being amongst the best in the industry.

Since commencing operations 12 seasons we have employed around 100 guides with 90% of them TasTAFE graduates and great guides have been central to our success.

If you are considering a career as a tourism guide we would highly recommend you consider the course at TasTAFE.

Ian Johnstone – Founder and Owner of The Maria Island Walk

Guide Team Maria Training - Sep 2014

Guide Team Maria Training - Sept 2013

Guide team Maria Training Sept 2008

Guide Team Maria Training Oct 2006

Guides Team Maria Training

The Cert IV Guiding graduates employed with the Tas Walking Co (TWC) over the years have always shown great professionalism, aptitude and adaptability to guiding our groups in the wilds of Tasmania. We certainly associate good quality career guides, specialising in Tasmanian nature-based experiences, with the very industry-relevant delivery of guiding courses through our partners at Drysdale, TasTAFE.
Nick Scharm – HR Mangager
Tasmanian Walking Co.

When the time comes to recruit each season we look to the graduates of the TasTAFE Tour Guiding courses as a major source of potential new guides. We know they will have received the best possible preparation for working in the industry and we value the strong links we have with the TasTAFE course.

Tarkine Trails


The [course is] best thing I have ever done!

 Heidi – Graduate 2013


This is the best course I have ever done. I had very high expectations and they have been far exceeded.

Will Barker – Graduate 2014

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