White Water Kayaking

Last week, students of the Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation course took to the Derwent River, followed by the Leven River in the north of Tasmania to tackle a week of whitewater kayaking.

Students spent the first two days developing their white water skills on the Derwent River such as reading whitewater, ferry gliding, exiting/entering eddies and much more.  Over the rest of the week, students were given the opportunity to execute their newly learnt skills and push their limits kayaking down the Leven River.

Highlights of the week included the satisfaction of improving throughout the week, group bonding and Ciara calmly waving and accepting her fate of being washed into a hole (a white water feature).  The students were lucky enough to be instructed by one of Tasmania’s most experienced and greatest instructors Nate Welch, special thanks also goes to Technical Assistant, Matt Smith.

White Water Introduction

Last month our Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation students split into their chosen streams with the climbers heading off to Freycinet and the paddlers heading down to the Picton River.

The first three days of our White Water Introduction week were spent learning the basics of rafting, packing of the rafts, how to steer them and what to include in the safety briefings. Mechanical issues aside, we set off in two rafts and a two person inflatable by midday Monday. Twenty-four hours of banter and water-fight filled fun later, we reached Judbury where we spent a brisk night before heading back to Top Bridge on the Picton River to squeeze in another run.

Thursday and Friday were spent kayaking on the Derwent River.  Thursday saw us honing our ferry gliding and eddy catching skills with the legendary Dan Firth.  Friday was a river trip from Frog lodge to Hayes Corner to continue working on these areas.  Leon Bedford made an appearance for this trip where he gained some serious ‘Bus Driver of the Year‘ points. The weather was rather mint … the blue sky may have been obscured by fog for part of the day but the sun always managed to make an appearance.

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