Mt. Wellington


 The TasTAFE Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation students had to recently change their plans because of a severe weather warning across the state.  Proving their flexibility, they spent two days finessing their off-track navigation skills on the slopes of kunanyi / Mt Wellington.

kunanyi / Mt Wellington provided plenty of opportunities for the lively discussions regarding the nature of re-entrants, spurs and compass needles and the accuracy of counting paces.  The students are looking forward to soon demonstrating their navigational skills in an off-track multi-day bushwalking environment.



In October the Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation Climbing monkeys were out and about in the Hobart area.  They spent four mornings of the week working with students from Hobart College taking them abseiling and climbing on the cliffs at Coningham Beach.  Hobart College students had the opportunity to climb a variety of climbs, including ‘Working in a Cod Mine‘, ‘Shark Attack’, ‘Dead Memories’ and ‘Floating Riot’.  For the most part, our time at Coningham was sunny and warm, perfect for overlooking the water and hanging out at the cliff.  Having not worked with large groups of students before, it was an invaluable experience for all TasTAFE students and was thoroughly enjoyed.  Thanks to the Hobart College students for the fun sessions!

Lucy briefs students on cliff-side safety

Lucy briefs students on cliff-side safety

Jessie shows students how to belay

Jessie shows students how to belay

The week also saw the Cert IV’s getting out and climbing, as opposed to the general task of rigging!  Wednesday saw them heading to Fruehauf in South Hobart.  Here they climbed with a focus on improving technique and also practiced rescues (in between rain showers).

Ben practicing rescuing an unconscious patient (Jai)

Ben practicing rescuing an unconscious patient (Jai)

On Friday afternoon the Certificate IV crew headed up Mt Wellington to The Northern Buttress on the Organ Pipes to get a taste of some bigger climbs.  Spoilt with super clear views of Hobart and a local Wedgie (Wedge Tail Eagle) flying past, it was an afternoon that won’t be forgotten in a hurry!

Trowunna Tours

Tas Langford, one of our Aboriginal students studying the Certificate III in Guiding course runs his own business, Trowunna Tours and he had the opportunity to take his fellow students on a tour to Kunanyi (Mt. Wellington) last Wednesday morning.

Trowunna LogoTrowunna Tours offer heartfelt experiences presenting Tasmania’s outstanding natural and cultural values, connecting you with ancient first nation’s knowledge and wisdom.

Planting seeds of knowledge, healing and growth, Trowunna Tours offers:

  • Cultural walks on Kunanyi (Mt Wellington) offering an extensive insight into principles of cultural knowledge and ways of being
  • Bush Medicine and Tucka
  • Tailored group experiences

It was a beautiful day and the student’s valued learning more about Aboriginal culture from Tas and Sheldon.

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