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Hazards Traverse

Two weeks ago our Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation students enjoyed a two-night trip to the Freycinet Peninsula, where the group further developed their bushwalking and navigation skills.  Accompanied by Cody McCracken of Wild Pedder and TasTAFE Teacher Renee Harrington, the group were blessed with glorious weather and stunning scenery.

Departing from Sleepy Bay, the group followed the coastline to the summit of Mt Parsons and then ascended Mt Baudin where they enjoyed a night sleeping in a cave.  The next morning saw student’s abseiling down a cliff which put many participants out of their comfort zone but proved to be a very rewarding experience.

After descending back to Sleepy Bay, the group continued on to Wineglass Bay and were greeted by a friendly wallaby on the beach and a pod of dolphins in the bay.  The students spent the night sleeping under a blanket of stars on Wineglass Bay beach.

The final day consisted of a small group of students hiking up to the Mt Graham lookout, whilst others enjoyed the glorious beach before returning to the bus and back to Hobart.

The trip was a great opportunity for students to demonstrate their leadership and guiding skills, occupational health and safety policies, cooking, food hygiene practices, weather interpretation and off track navigation.


White Water Introduction

Two weeks ago the Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation students participated in an introduction to White Water Rafting.

The students spent two consecutive days on the Lower Derwent River starting from Plenty Bridge to Hayes.  With the intention of introducing students to the units: Guide a Raft on Moving Water and Demonstrate Self-Rescue Skills in Whitewater, the group participated in a variety of activities.

As leaders of the activity, Millie Legge and Alex Coutts were able to demonstrate awareness and understanding of the following units: Planning Recreational Activities, Guiding Outdoor Recreation Sessions, Facilitating Groups, Providing Customer Service and Following Occupational Health and Safety Procedures.

The whole group were exposed to rafting equipment/clothing and briefings; rafting safety; rafting procedures; river signals, reading river water features; personal orientation on a river and floating positions.

The students were also instructed in paddle strokes including forward and back paddle, forward and back sweep, draw stroke, rudder and J-stroke techniques.  The students also participated in a flipping a raft, re-righting the raft and defensive and aggressive swimming in white water.

Lost Falls 2016

Lost Falls

In March the Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation students had their first field trip for the year to Lost Falls.

A beautiful landscape lost in time, veiled in the Lake Leake district of Tasmania.  Shrouded by cliffs and jutting ridge lines covered in low vegetated scrub.  The basis of the trip was to demonstrate basic bushwalking and navigational skills.

Although at first glance you would expect an area of severe vegetation and difficulty.  The location allowed the team to trust themselves and gave them the abilities to stride on a bearing and use other tools to make their way through its tranquil land.

We were auspicious enough to have such an enthusiastic group and people willing to try out their newfound skills or refreshing past knowledge, in an unaccustomed location.

Our campsites were isolated and pretty ‘bomber’, with waterholes scattered at the extremity of the ravine.  A quick dip was all it took to quench our swimming desires.

Tim McEldowney stated that the trip was a great success and he cannot wait for the next.  The overall rating was a 9.955555 … out of 10. (as stated by Daniel Gillie)!

Lost Falls Lost Falls Lost Falls Lost Falls Lost Falls Lost Falls Lost Falls

Navigation Skills


Two weeks ago, a group of nine Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation students took part in a navigation skills demonstration and consolidation day at the nearby Risdon Brook Reserve.  The trip followed a navigation exercise day up in the wilderness between The Springs and summit of kunanyi.

Whilst some students were able to accomplish their navigation assessments, others voiced, with pride, a more thorough understanding of the navigation skills they’ve been learning.

The weather and conditions were pleasant and Risdon Brook provided the perfect durable environment to practice reading the lay of the land and compass work whilst remaining safe and leaving little impact.

Special thanks to Nate Welch and Renee Harrington for acting as great role models as professional outdoor leaders, and their continued patience and enthusiasm for teaching the TasTAFE students the fine skill of wandering around the bush and still knowing where you are.

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Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation

Certificate III Outdoor Recreation

The Tour Guide Training Program at TasTAFE introduced a new course this year – the Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation. The course aims to equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitude to become a competent and professional Outdoor Recreation Assistant.

The course content consists of 24 subjects which are nationally recognised and have been selected based on the needs of employers in Tasmania.  Subjects include: customer service, planning outdoor recreation activities, risk management, minimal impact, Wilderness First Aid, work skill instruction and facilitating groups.  The students also focus on four specific activity streams including:

  • Bushwalking
  • Indoor Climbing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Flat water kayaking
  • Rafting

As part of the program, students also had a formalised Work Placement arrangement with a variety of schools and colleges based in Hobart. This program involved working in a school environment with the aim to:

  • To provide practical experience in working with groups in the outdoors
  • To consolidate practical and theory skills
  • To provide sufficient experience for students to enter the Certificate IV Outdoor Recreation program at TasTAFE.

We had 12 students enrolled in our program for 2015, with a total of 322 Work Placement days between the months of June and November at the following schools:

  • Dominic College
  • Friends School
  • Guildford Young College
  • Hutchins School
  • Hobart College
  • MacKillop College
  • Rosny College
  • St. Michaels Collegiate School
  • St. Virgil’s College
  • Sacred Heart College
  • Woollangara – Victoria

TasTAFE are currently enrolling for the 2016 intake.  If you are interested in this fabulous program, please contact Deb Balfour on 6165 5916 or at

Certificate III Outdoor Recreation Certificate III Outdoor Recreation Certificate III Outdoor Recreation Certificate III Outdoor Recreation Certificate III Outdoor Recreation Certificate III Outdoor Recreation Certificate III Outdoor Recreation Certificate III Outdoor Recreation

Certificate III Outdoor Recreation Certificate III Outdoor Recreation Certificate III Outdoor Recreation

Certificate III Outdoor RecreationCertificate III Outdoor Recreation Certificate III Outdoor Recreation Certificate III Outdoor Recreation