The first day of week two kayaking for the Nunatak group began at Nutgrove Bay.  This week we had two nominated students each day take on the role as guides.  The week was also focused on our skills in interpreting weather.  The well-known ‘Fish and Chipper’ trip was our plan for the day.  After getting on the water aided by a breeze, we had the quick trip to Constitution Dock, though experienced strong gusts on the trip back, while practicing our towing.

Day two was a calmer morning at Cornelian Bay.  We paddled down the Derwent along the Domain Highway and found shelter in coves along the way from the winds.  As a group we paddled under the Tasman Bridge and admired the scenery of Hobart and surrounds.  A lunch break again in Constitution Dock gave us shelter from the winds and we practiced some strokes in the calmer waters. We paddled through familiar waters down to Nutgrove Bay to conclude or day.

By Day three, the winds had eased further and we departed from Tinderbox Reserve and paddled north along the coastline towards Blackmans Bay. The scenery was superb with views of Dennes Point on Bruny Island.  As the location was unfamiliar to most, it a good experience to kayak in less known waters. We ended our day with the assistance in performing our first surf landings successfully.

Our final day of the week saw us have our most glorious weather yet.  Starting from Taroona Beach we all gathered up together in the water looking up to the Shot Tower where our guides provided some background information.  The gentle winds and seas helped make it an enjoyable experience for everyone as we also soaked in the spectacular Alum Cliffs.  Sitting outside of Kingston Beach we had spectacular views to kunanyi/Mt Wellington as we all sat and enjoyed the calm waters and mountain views.  The group then individually performed their own surf landing on Kingston Beach for a quick-lunch break, and in no time we were back on the water and kayaking past a few sea caves.  Before landing once again at Blackmans Bay, we all practiced our T rescues in the chilly water. We had yet another surf landing to end the day and some took the opportunity to practice their paddle float rescues.

A big thanks to Tom and Gemma for their time throughout the week.

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