White Water Introduction

Two weeks ago the Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation students participated in an introduction to White Water Rafting.

The students spent two consecutive days on the Lower Derwent River starting from Plenty Bridge to Hayes.  With the intention of introducing students to the units: Guide a Raft on Moving Water and Demonstrate Self-Rescue Skills in Whitewater, the group participated in a variety of activities.

As leaders of the activity, Millie Legge and Alex Coutts were able to demonstrate awareness and understanding of the following units: Planning Recreational Activities, Guiding Outdoor Recreation Sessions, Facilitating Groups, Providing Customer Service and Following Occupational Health and Safety Procedures.

The whole group were exposed to rafting equipment/clothing and briefings; rafting safety; rafting procedures; river signals, reading river water features; personal orientation on a river and floating positions.

The students were also instructed in paddle strokes including forward and back paddle, forward and back sweep, draw stroke, rudder and J-stroke techniques.  The students also participated in a flipping a raft, re-righting the raft and defensive and aggressive swimming in white water.


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