Mt Field

In early March, the Certificate III in Guiding students had their first field trip for the year.  From Hobart we drove out to Mount Field, where we stopped at important geological and historical points of interest along the way.

On the first day, we had two walks in the Florentine Valley.  We walked to the top of Tim Shae to be rewarded with a fabulous 360° view into the South West of Tasmania.  We then walked into the very significant and historical Churchill’s Hut.  Elias Churchill trapped a Tasmanian Tiger that was supposedly the last specimen that died in the old Hobart Zoo in 1936.

We returned to the campground for a beautiful meal prepared in the dark by Larni and ably assisted by Bruce and Alex.  This was a great practical example of adapting and being flexible with itinerary changes and leading and catering for guided groups.

One of our students also celebrated his birthday on this day – Happy Birthday Strath!

On our second day, we  drove up to Lake Dobson where we walked amongst the Pandani Grove and up to Tarn Shelf.  During the day we saw great examples of landforms, flora and fauna including Mountain Shrimps, which are best described as living fossils.  Our student catering team provided yet another fantastic meal and after dinner we went for a walk to see the Glow Worms near Russell Falls.

On our last day we walked to the Mt. Field favourites – Russell and Horseshoe Falls and the Tall Trees Walk, where we admired the geology and flora along the way.

In the afternoon, Bruce and Alex provided information on the various tents available; how to use MSR Stoves and how to couple the bus and trailer.  All essential skills for Guides.

We had a wonderful first field trip away and look forward to many more.


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