Climbing on the Tasman Peninsula


During the last week of September, the Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation split again into their electives.  The climbers headed off to the Tasman Peninsula to explore the area.  The main focus of this week was to improve the groups personal climbing skills and coaching.

On day one the troops headed to Parrot Shelf.  We quickly set up four exciting climbs including a challenging chimney.  With the sun beaming down on us we all spent hours on the wall on the various climbs, practicing move after move and challenging ourselves.  We then headed back to our glorious accommodation at Eagle Hawk Neck provided by a group members relative where Lucy cooked the group a fabulous feast!

On day two we were blessed again with amazing clear skies and warm temperatures.  We made our way to Paradiso, abseiling ourselves and our gear to the bottom shelf.  The group was soon exploring the impressive area, we were amazed by the 40m overhang and the amount of possible climbs in front of us.  We even had a lovely little whale swim directly under our climb popping its head up to see what we were up to.  Many, many routes were set up and the team went about solving the various climbing move puzzles the cliff presented.  By the end of the day there were many sore bodies and blistered hands as proof of an excellent climbing day.  As we walked back to the bus the dark clouds began to creep in and the winds picked up.

By day three the weather had deteriorated, with a cold front covering most of the south with large amounts of rain.  With high swells and slippery rocks it was unsafe to continue climbing so to make the most of the day the crew hopped on the bus and went for a tour of unique climbing spots in the Hobart area.  It was insightful for all exposing us to spots we had never seen before.

Overall a productive week, a big thanks to Richard, Renee and Jessie for researching and setting up some fantastic climbs for the group.

Climbing  Climbing

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