White Water Expedition


Two weeks ago the paddling students from the Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation were given the opportunity to introduce our climbing comrades to white water kayaking.  This was in the form of a four-day paddling expedition.

The plan was to have two days on the Huon River working our skills up to tackle the mighty Picton.  The first challenge however was to be overcome in the car park at Tahune Airwalk … this was how to pack all our equipment into the back of a white water boat.  With some helpful hints from Richard Guy there were many light bulb moments during this process.  We were then ready to “shread some gnar”.  We set off down the Huon River.

The climbers took to paddling like ducks to water, with Matty J even rolling in live water on the second day!  We finished the Huon and headed for the Farmhouse creek section of the Picton.  To start off with was a 600m walk in to the river with loaded boats.  Once on the river the fun really began.  The beautiful scenery mixed with more challenging water made for one of the best days on the river to date for all involved.

The next day the lower section of the Picton saw a few swims but also many victories with all the climbers successfully running the Gorge – finishing the trip on a high.

To watch the level of kayaking improve for both parties over the four days was fantastic.  Not only did the climbers take on and conquer, the paddling crew learnt many new skills in both group management and safety with the help of our instructors.  All left with a feeling of achievement in many different areas.

 Big thanks to everyone for such a fantastic week!




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