Respecting Aboriginal Culture

Bruny Island

Two weeks ago the Certificate III Guiding students and six members of the Certificate III Outdoor Recreation group ventured down to Murrayfield Station on Bruny Island for 3 days of intense learning about Tasmanian Aboriginal history and culture.

Students spent the three days engaging in activities to broaden their knowledge and understanding. Three periods in Tasmanian Aboriginal history were studied, from 40,000 + years ago until the arrival of Europeans, the period when cultures clashed and the period of survival to today and into the future.  A highlight was the Gumnuts to Buttons activity that connected each of us to the history of Tasmanian Aboriginal people.  It was not only informative but also extremely emotional.

In addition it was the first overnight field trip for the Certificate III Guiding group, so it was a great opportunity for the group to bond and enjoy each other’s company in the outdoors.

TasTAFE students were very privileged to have Uncle Bill and Aunty Trish Hodge join them at Murrayfield to share and explain aspects of Tasmanian Aboriginal history and culture.  Special thanks to Bruce Morley who organised and ran the trip and Alex Hale for his support and guidance during the trip.

Bruny Island Bruny Island Bruny Island Bruny Island Bruny Island Bruny Island Bruny Island Bruny Island Bruny Island Bruny Island

RTO Code:  60142

Photos:  Steve Wallace


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