Students Against Racism

Students Against Racism

In preparation for the provision of a rafting experience last month for the TasTAFE ‘Students Against Racism‘ group we recently ran a reconnaissance mission down the less-frequently rafted Weld River.  On one of the shortest days of the year, we were promptly on the road and heading south.  The group ran like a well-oiled machine and we were on the water in impressive time!

The Weld River has no gauge to determine whether it is at an acceptable level to raft or not, however, with some insider knowledge, we lowered the rafts from the bridge and began our journey down the pretty river.  The water level was perfect and there was a mixture of fun rapids and beautiful scenery as we progressed.  Before we knew it, we had reached the confluence of the Weld and Huon Rivers!  Shortly after, we reached the get out point and packed away the rafts and gear. We headed back to TasTAFE with another river under our belts and looking forward to Friday’s adventure.

Friday came around and the paddlers jumped on board the bus with our friends from Students Against Racism and headed off, not to the Weld River in the end, but down to the Picton.  For many of our new friends it was their first time seeing the wild south-west of Tasmania and the idea that there was no people between us and Africa was a very novel idea for all.

The level of excitement in the group when we got to the put in point was incredible.  Each of the Certificate IV students in the paddling and rafting stream had a raft to guide down the Picton and a crew to train up, which was a brilliant opportunity to put into practice everything we had been learning.

The run down the river was filled with water fights, terrible singing and exceedingly loud laughter and despite several swims – Nate Welch included – all rafters made it safely down to Tahune.  A great day out on many levels, and a big thank you to everyone who involved!!

Students Against Racism Students Against Racism

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