Bushwalking & Navigation at Lost Falls

Lost Falls

On the 5th of July the Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation students ventured to Tasmania’s North East for a 4 day off-track bushwalking adventure – or more appropriately referred to as  scrub-bashing!

This trip followed a week of Navigation day trips at Dysart, a much easier terrain to navigate, but this time we were heading to gullies, scrub and river crossings for a true off track experience.  The forecast was looking wet and our maps showed some challenging terrain as we stood in the car park at Lost Falls, discussing how the next few days would unfold.

We split into two groups with our instructors – Richard Youd in one and Nate Welch in the other, and we were off!  Both groups experienced challenging terrain, scrub, rain and long moments of confusion.  However, we also experienced the beauty of the Tasmanian bush, success as we roamed along ridge lines and immense team building and ‘lightbulb’ moments as we overcame our personal and group challenges.

All in all, the trip was a huge learning experience with a significant improvement in our navigation skills and confidence in leading groups. Everyone maintained top enthusiasm making it a fun adventure to be a part of.  Thanks again to all the Certificate IV’s for being awesome!

 Lost FallsLost FallsLost FallsLost Falls

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