Student Profile : Vincent Aaltink

Where are you currently working?  I am currently employed by Tasmanian Expeditions.

What do you love most about your job?  Wow people … sharing my backyard and its story with people from all walks of life and making new friends.

What training did you undertake with TasTAFE?  Certificate III & IV in Guiding and Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation.

When did you complete your training?   2015

What did you value about your training at TasTAFE?  I think the most valuable thing that I took away from TasTAFE was the actual content of the course, bird calls, flora, fauna and the teachers.  The life long friendships that I’ve made.

How has your training helped you with your Outdoor Recreation/Guiding career?  The training has given me new tools in delivering a professional package to clients on the track and being capable of caring for their needs whilst in some of the remote places of Tasmania.

What is your most memorable moment you have experienced on a trip?  Watching a pod of dolphins play offshore at Little Deadman’s Bay whilst on the South Coast Track with a group of ten clients.

If you could invite anyone on a trip, who would it be?  My wife and children.

If you could give one piece of advice for someone contemplating a career in the outdoors, what would it be?  Just be yourself … and dive into it.  If you can’t be yourself, don’t do it as people will see right through you!

RTO Code: 60142


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