Hazards Circuit at Freycinet



On the 1st of June, the Certificate III  in Guiding students completed the Hazards Circuit on the Freycinet Peninsula.

Freycinet provided a fantastic opportunity for us, as students to get out of the classroom and apply the knowledge that we have learnt throughout the semester.  By listening and seeing different birds, as well as identifying different species of plants along the track.  It was also fantastic to  complete a multi day walk; whilst developing the fundamental skills of backpack based camping.

The weather was on our side during the trip as we experienced beautiful crispy, but sunny winter days.  It was also great to test out our gear.

Overall, the trip enabled time for reflection and served as a reinforcement as to why we are all so passionate about the outdoors and the desire to share it with locals and visitors in the future.

We would all like to say a special thank you to Stacey for assisting one group and getting us to Freycinet and back safely.  As well as a thank you to Alex for sharing his knowledge of birds and plants with the group.

Freycinet Freycinet Freycinet

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