Maria Island


The Certificate III in Guiding students recently spent four days camping on Maria Island.  The group was immersed in the history and geology of the island and had a chance to develop their walking and catering skills, away from the comforts of home.

Kindly supported by The Maria Island Walk, the group had the opportunity to see one of their standing camps as they walked from Darlington to French’s Farm.

The weather was on their side and the students had an excellent experience.  Watching the wildlife roam free and being able to be in a learning environment in a World Heritage Area site, really brought home the experience, be it the rough living of the early convicts or the scale and beauty of the Mathina Beds and the Painted Cliffs.

The students also delivered their own short interpretive tours and presented the history of the island to their peers and the subjects were as colourful and varied as the presenting styles. Interactive learning experiences were presented on the different eras of convict history, the final meeting of the indigenous prior to European settlement and the island’s industrious Diego Bernacchi.

We also had all the favourable circumstances to provide time to develop our leadership skills, run seemingly innocent icebreakers and provide a fair amount of head-torch catering much to the delight of the mischievous marsupials with their gleaming eyes on our food.  With just enough free time to relax and absorb the beauty and atmosphere of Maria Island.


IMG_5508IMG_5426 IMG_5460.1  IMG_5423 IMG_5382 IMG_5379 IMG_5356 IMG_5347.1


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