Student Profile : Tom Baxter

Tom Baxter

  1. Where are you currently working?  Unfortunately I am currently unemployed due to breaking my leg whilst climbing. Prior to breaking my leg I was working as a rafting guide at Penrith White-Water Stadium, an instructor at Barrington Outdoor Adventure Centre and guiding some rafting trips down the Franklin.
  2. What do you love most about your job?  It’s fun, exciting, varied, rewarding and challenging.  I like showing people a good time and I like it when it gets a bit hectic and you have to think and act fast to keep everything together.
  3. What training did you undertake with TasTAFE?  I completed a Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation incorporating White-water Rafting Guide – Trip Leader,  White-water Kayaking Guide, Sea Kayaking Guide, Basic Abseil  Instructor, White Water Rescue, Bush Walking Guide, Wilderness First and Expedition Medicine.
  4. When did you complete your training?  October 2013
  5. What did you value about your training at TasTAFE?  The instructors are definitely experts in their fields and have so much knowledge to share.  The program is intense and so much is crammed into the course.  And its heaps of fun.
  6. How has your training helped you with your Outdoor Recreation/Guiding career?   Massively.  Apart from the obvious National body qualifications gained, the course really gives you a solid base of knowledge and puts you in quite a lot of scenarios that really do prepare you for those hectic times in the field that I mentioned before.
  7. What is your most memorable moment you have experienced on a trip?  Well there were a lot, but I think one of the most memorable memories at TasTAFE was an epic disaster situation scenario, in which I had to swim across a rapid in the middle of the night, and set up a Tyrolean traverse to hoist three injured casualties over the river, and then haul them in stretchers up a massive steep slope whilst monitoring their conditions.  Hectic.
  8. If you could invite anyone on a trip, who would it be?  My brother.  I love scaring my brother!
  9. If you could give one piece of advice for someone contemplating a career in the outdoors, what would it be?  Go hard at the course.  You only get one shot at it and it goes quick.

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