Single Pitch Abseil and Top Rope Climbing Instructor Assessments

Two weeks ago the Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation Climbing and Abseiling team made tracks from Hobart to Freycinet National Park for their final assessments to become qualified TCIA instructors.

The assessments took place at the popular and extremely beautiful White Water Wall area which provides incredible oceanic views and numerous world-class climbs on stable granite faces. Students chose to spend four days prior to the assessment, getting to know each of the site’s unique and sometimes frustrating characteristics, perfecting their rigging work, practicing rescues and simply enjoying the time spent in such a spectacular place.

When Wednesday finally came around, bringing assessment time with it, the team could not have been better prepared. They met each morning with students from the Kingston High School Year 10 Outdoor Education Class who have been heavily involved with the TasTAFE training program this year and were very keen for three days of vertical hauling up rock slabs and abseiling from cliff tops.

All of the practice and hard work that the Certificate IV students had invested in preparation for this moment became immediately apparent; the sessions that they ran were conducted in a very safe, efficient and enjoyable manner, creating a thoroughly enjoyable experience for the students and instructors alike. A fantastic progression in confidence and ability was demonstrated by all and at the end of the program students walked away as qualified TCIA instructors.

To top off an amazing week, the trip also happened to coincide with the annual Humpback Whale migration. Over the course of the week there were multiple sightings of these truly magnificent gentle giants as they moved south towards Antarctica to feed on krill, several swam by and played within 20m of the cliff base. Using their extremely large and powerful flippers, humpback whales are able to perform incredible breaches and aerial manoeuvres, sometimes launching their entire 30,000-40,000 kg frame out of the water! To witness such a majestic performance so closely was a truly special experience for all of the students.

Humpback Whale


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