Risdon Brook Navigation Review

Risdon Brook

On Wednesday 2nd of September 2015, the TasTAFE Certificate IV Outdoor Recreation class was joined by Kingston High School and Jordan River Learning Federation students for a navigation skills workshop at Risdon Brook Dam.

For most participants present on the day, this was an initial introduction to navigation so the morning was heavily focused on acquainting and familiarising them with basic map and compass techniques and methodologies.

Once the students had demonstrated a firm grasp of the topics covered during the morning’s activities, they teamed up in small parties with TasTAFE Outdoor Recreation students and were given the opportunity to apply their new skills and abilities in a natural environment. The afternoon was spent running orienteering courses around the reservoir. This provided opportunities to; locate set markers using maps and compasses, implement strategic thinking and problem solving, build self-confidence and self-reliance in an outdoor setting and help students to gain an appreciation for the outdoors by participating in an enjoyable outdoor education program.

The entire day was delivered by the TasTAFE Outdoor Recreation students while they were being assessed on their ability to teach and give professional instruction to real students. The day was a huge success with learning outcomes achieved across the board and an overall sense of accomplishment and achievement felt by all the participants and instructors.

Risdon Brook Risdon Brook Risdon Brook


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