Trowunna Tours

Tas Langford, one of our Aboriginal students studying the Certificate III in Guiding course runs his own business, Trowunna Tours and he had the opportunity to take his fellow students on a tour to Kunanyi (Mt. Wellington) last Wednesday morning.

Trowunna LogoTrowunna Tours offer heartfelt experiences presenting Tasmania’s outstanding natural and cultural values, connecting you with ancient first nation’s knowledge and wisdom.

Planting seeds of knowledge, healing and growth, Trowunna Tours offers:

  • Cultural walks on Kunanyi (Mt Wellington) offering an extensive insight into principles of cultural knowledge and ways of being
  • Bush Medicine and Tucka
  • Tailored group experiences

It was a beautiful day and the student’s valued learning more about Aboriginal culture from Tas and Sheldon.

IMG_1461IMG_1474IMG_1466IMG_1477IMG_1485Trowunna Tours 15Trowunna Tours 14Trowunna Tours 13Trowunna Tours 4Trowunna Tours 5Trowunna Tours 7Trowunna Tours 6Trowunna Tours 9Trowunna Tours 10Trowunna Tours 8Trowunna Tours 12Trowunna Tours 11Trowunna Tour


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