White Water Rafting


Recently the Certificate IV Outdoor Recreation crew had a week of rafting on the Mersey River.

With multiple rafting instructors as well as a number of experienced external students it was a great chance for students to hone skills in maneuvering that wild aquatic ‘shopping trolley’ we fondly know as the raft.

Having had the perfect introduction to the week with Swift Water Rescue, all were keen to test their skills and knowledge of the river and raft on a series of Grade 2 and Grade 3 moving water. The week began with some experiencing a visit to “all banks and their nearest branches” (pun intended) however as the week progressed, so did the budding rafters.

Quite long days on the river were had with crews reaching up to four runs a day and engaging in theoretical rafting discussions in the evening. These discussions featured hand crafted cardboard rafts navigating the dining room table to simulate our experiences and instill some key concepts.

On Wednesday assessments got underway with students who were prepared to do so, achieving their Grade 2 or Grade 3 Raft Guide qualifications.

During the Thursday and Friday students who had achieved Grade 3 then had the opportunity to take a group of students down the river which was a fantastic experience for all.  By the end of the week all students had achieved either their Grade 2 or Grade 3 Raft Guide Certification.

We would like to acknowledge the efforts of our instructors, Nate Welch, Tank, Ange Cunningham, Blake Miller and Aaron Ward as well as our participating schools Sacred Heart and Don College as well as all who attended that made this week the success that it was.

Rafting Rafting Rafting



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